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Why is There an MG?

Because of the passion for automobiles The belief that the best technology and engineering doesn't have to be. but only on the racetrack but can be touched on the road Make Worcester salesmen and mechanics Like William Morris has turned into a car industry. Together with visionary sales manager Cecil Kimber, he created the British sports car that made its name on the track and on the road from 1924 until today. This has been for 90 years. 

The vision of the two began with their imagination and dream of making the MG into a mesmerizing sports car. unique The identity of British-style dynamic cars that the world has known for almost a century. 

Since the beginning of MG, the British car brand has been able to reap many accolades for success. Whether it's a world speed record maker The best selling sports car in the world best quality racing car brands Generation after generation of MG, whether it is Old Number One, 14/28, K3 Magnetta, TC, MGA, Midget, GT V8, MGF, it reinforces MG's identity as Passion Drives, or cars created with spirit. of passion for speed and freedom on the road across time for many decades continuously Reap the rewards of honor in many fields together. 

When it comes to MG, one must think of its uniqueness that no one can copy. And that's true British dynamics. That is reflected through every element of the MG brand from engineering. driving behavior both exterior and interior design including the spirit that possesses and drives behind the wheel able to feel the uniqueness of this distinctive British style 

The performance that comes from the engine power and transmission is in sync with the Chassis design. and suspension that allows drivers to enjoy precise and fun handling. while providing peace of mind with active security. Combined with a design that reflects the dynamic driving behavior of the real British style. This makes people who have touched MG in any era still be fascinated by this brand irrevocably.