Old Number One

Leaving his job as a salesman, Cecil Kimber began tinkering with vehicles in his home garage. His first car, named Old Number One, successfully won a gold medal at the Land's End Trial in 1925.


MG K3 Magnette

The MG K3 Magnette emerged as the victor in the Mille Miglia, one of the most challenging racing competitions in the world held in Italy. With this victory, MG became the first non-Italian brand to win this racing event in the 1,100 cc category.



MG introduced the MG TC, equipped with the latest features of its time. This vehicle sold nearly 2,000 units and marked the beginning of the British sports car craze in America.


MG ZB Magnette

Initially, the MG ZB Magnette raised questions for many people. However, with its solid performance and outstanding features, the Magnette managed to become a favorite car among people in a short period of time.


MG EX181

The MG EX181 successfully set the world land speed record by reaching 245.64 mph. MG then breaks its own record in 1959, achieving a speed of 254.91 mph at the Bonneville Salt Flats when driven by Sir Stirling Moss.



MG took a step further and introduced the MGA, an improvement of the highly popular MGA 1500. Equipped with a 1,588 cc engine, the MGA provided an additional 6 BHP, making the drivers feel like they were "flying."



Prince Charles purchased the MGC MGB - the most affordable sports car that ever created. This vehicle became extremely popular and has been produced in over 500,000 units. While Prince Charles was in college, he bought the MGC, which is the "older sibling" of the MGB.


MG Metro

After the "Abingdon doors" closed, many assumed that this would be the end of the MG era. Contrarily, MG made a strong comeback and introduced the compact MG Metro.


MG Maestro

As time goes by, the car design also evolved. The Metro paved the way for excellent five-door hatchback vehicles with outstanding performance and handling, such as the MG Maestro, followed by the introduction of the MG Maestro Turbo.



MG welcomed the new millennium with the MG TF, an upgrade from the MGF. Then a hot-hatch, the MG ZR, along with two sports sedans: the MG ZS and MG ZT. MG made a comeback in the automotive world.



Looking towards the future, MG recognized the needs to provide something more personalized. With a variety of customization options, MG introduced the MG3, which gave consumers the freedom to design their own cars.



The MG5 emerged as a star and became a spectacular compact car with stunning exterior design, luxurious interior, and an aggressive four-cylinder "VTi-Tech" gasoline engine.



Continuing its tradition of innovation, MG launched the MG GS as its first SUV. With improved agility, the MG GS enables drivers to navigate both asphalt roads and off-road terrains with ease.



E-Motion arrives with an internet-compatible infotainment system and built on a pure electric modular architecture platform. This vehicle is can accelerating from 0 to 100 km/h in less than four seconds and has a range of over 500 km.


MG Maze

The passion for the gaming and the brilliant ideas of the Advanced Design Studio team in London gave birth to the MG Maze. This advanced concept car can be fully controlled through a smartphone screen.

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