Frequently Asked Questions

MG was born in the UK in 1924 and now it has been revived and expanded globally. It holds a global reputation in excellence and innovations with a nearly-century-old of experience. MG is currently based in Longbridge, Birmingham, England.

And we hold our Brit Dynamic identity with pride as it is one of our key differentiators among other British or European cars. It is a standard applied to all of our car production that covers: UK design, precise handling, class-leading power, & uncompromising safety

MG Indonesia was established in January 2020.

MG Motor Indonesia is an official brand representative of the global brand headquartered in Birmingham, England. We work with local partners in distributing our cars to numerous areas in Indonesia.

Market research is the key to the management’s decision making. We know that Indonesia is a very fascinating market for MG and at the same time challenging. It is home for over 267 million people and it is a country with many unexplored potentials that we think it is a good opportunity for us to introduce and build our brand in Indonesia.

Our mission is not just to sell cars, but also opening up more opportunities for human resources by providing new jobs for Indonesian people. With generations in highly productive ages on the rise, we do think it’s the best time to start turning our attention to Indonesia and start building the business here.

Our products speak highly of the characteristics and passion of generation Y and Z. They are young, dynamic, stylistic, filled with expectations, have a drive for exploration, and always on the move. There is no specific age group. We want everyone to experience the same passion and excitement!

With nearly a hundred years of experience, an impressive portfolio, the quality and safety we offer, we are confident that the trust of the Indonesian people in our products will grow. Besides, what makes our products unique compared to other elements is the Brit Dynamic. This identity is a standard that is applied to the whole of our car production, which includes a unique UK design, precision handling, advanced engine power, and uncompromising safety.

For now, we have cooperated with six financial partners, including SGMW Multifinance, MTF, Maybank, BCA Finance , Adira Finance and SKBF to assist leasing or financing potential customers who intend to use a credit scheme.

Each purchase of MG products is entitled with MG Care service, which includes five-year of quality assurance with unlimited mileage that will be calculated from the date of delivery of the new vehicle to the first owner, free-of-charge on labour cost for regular maintenance for 4 years or 50,000 km, whichever comes first, as well as 24-hour on-road assistance to help customers when having trouble during their journey, and many more.